Custom Size Service

We are always happy to have open options for our customized service to our customers. We believe that everybody is unique and its’s an honor for us to make a custom jacket.

You can extend the total length, extend or shorten the sleeves or make adjustments to the chest and shoulder measurements. It’s all up to you.

Here you can find the extra cost list for a custom jacket.

The calculation will be added up by the total extra centimeters.

Please note that all our customized items are not available for exchange or refund.

The delivery time is normally 2-3 weeks and the custom size service is usually available on our Classic products.

Adjustment Feather Mongolian
1-5 cm 200 SEK 250 SEK
6-10 cm 400 SEK 450 SEK
11-15 cm 600 SEK 650 SEK
16-20 cm 800 SEK 850 SEK
21-25 cm 1100 SEK 1150 SEK
26-30 cm 1300 SEK 1350 SEK
31-35 cm 1500 SEK 1550 SEK

Please write our customer service for more information.